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    Welcome home!

    Mediterranean style

    Featuring Mediterranean-style blue-and-white architecture, we are close to the sea. Sit quietly on the beach, listen to the sound of the waves, and enjoy the leisurely breeze. It is a great happiness in life.

    Near the Sailing stone

    With the beautiful sea view, you can enjoy the sea breeze, being absolutely impressed by the Dajianshan. It takes only 3 to 5 minutes to walk to the Sailing stone.

    Be Like to stay in the Mediterranean

    We love the Mediterranean style and hope to make every passenger feel as if it were in Greece. Sincerely invite you to experience our intentions and let this impression stay in your heart.

  • Fira Villa (2 people)

    Holiday、Summer Saturday、10/1~10/7:5800
    Summer weekday、Apr/May/Oct Saturday:4800
    Offseason Saturday:4000
    Offseason Weekday:3200

  • Oia Villa (6 people)

    Holiday、Summer Saturday、10/1~10/7:9800
    Summer weekday、Apr/May/Oct Saturday:8000
    Offseason Saturday:6600
    Offseason Weekday:5400

  • Mykonos Villa (8 people)

    Holiday、Summer Saturday、10/1~10/7:13800
    Summer weekday、Apr/May/Oct Saturday:12000
    Offseason Saturday:9600
    Offseason Weekday:7200

  • Santorini Villa (10 people)

    Holiday、Summer Saturday、10/1~10/7:14800
    Summer weekday、Apr/May/Oct Saturday:13000
    Offseason Saturday:11000
    Offseason Weekday:9000

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